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shot by Michel Mees

Honoring their confusing name, contradiction has become the trademark of this up and coming band from Holland. To create a sound of their own the seven-piece band skillfully demolished the walls between hip hop, jazz, funk, rock and reggae music. Sultry like a warm summer at times; but always pumping, roaring, and exuberant when performed live on stage.

Destructive Penguins' debut EP Walkin’, released independently in February 2016 after a successful crowdfunding campaign, mainly showcased the band's live reputation and was well received among fans in Holland with plenty shows countrywide as a result. Their second EP High/Low (February 2017) has been produced with the help of Oscar de Jong (Kraak & Smaak) and reveals a more mature sound with deeper lyrics and smarter arrangements. High/Low definitely underlines the potential and ambition of this young band.

On October 1st 2018, Destructive Penguins released their first stand-alone single Painting Pictures. They took it to themselves to further improve their production and define their sound. Painting Pictures is the first result of this sonic identity and combines Destructive Penguins' signature reggae and hiphop vibe. Without compromising their live-sound, this single adds a new dimension to Destructive Penguins' mission to share energy, love and fun.

Gijs Berger - Vocals
Boudewijn Pleij - Keys/Vocals
David van den Beld - Guitar/Vocals
Jelle Bouwman - Bass Guitar
Arjen Grimmius - Drums
Thierry Piët - Trumpet
Lauran Neerincx - Trumpet


shot by Michel Mees

  • January 17

Time Traveler - Live

Painting Pictures - Videoclip

High on the Low - Videoclip

New Generation - Live @ Gebr. de Nobel

Walkin' - Videoclip